• Residential
  • Lymm, Cheshire
  • Work Stage 3 - Developed Design
Situated in a village located within the heart of Cheshire the client brought this project to us with the idea of replacing the existing dwelling on the site. The site is currently not utilised to its full potential with the existing bungalow being located to the rear of the site, leaving a large area of unused garden to the front of the property.
  • Front Elevation as Existing
  • Rear Elevation as Existing

    The existing property is a three bedroom detached bungalow with integral garage and a small conservatory to the rear. The bungalow was built in the 1960s and is beginning to show signs of its age and relatively poor construction. The orientation of the site leads to the bedroom areas being dark and cold for most of the day due to their positioning at the north of the house making the existing dwelling one that is unsustainable for future use.

  • Existing Site Plan
  • Proposed Site Plan
  • Existing Drive Access
  • Proposed Drive Access
  • Existing Plan

    The existing bungalow sits directly in the middle of the site and sensibly has its main living areas orientated around the south facing rear garden. However, its traditional internal layout means that the property has a very dark internal hallway and all the bedrooms are at the dark, northern end of the property.

  • Proposed Basement Plan
  • Proposed Ground Floor Plan
  • Proposed First Floor Plan

    The new property has been split into two narrow blocks pushed to each side of the site. These blocks are then linked by glazed areas that form the hallway and the dining area. This site layout creates an open central courtyard that draws light deep into the plan allowing almost every room the benefit from southern light at some stage in the day. The site’s level change has also been used to its advantage to create a large basement level garage and store area.

  • The ground floor living areas have been designed to create a large open plan living space. All these spaces respond to the interesting outdoor spaces that have been created from the solar analysis. Both ground floor bedrooms also respond to the external areas with the ancillary spaces being pushed to the north of the site. You enter the house from the north via a raised entrance terrace over the sunken drive. From the entrance hall you can look straight through the internal courtyard to the garden beyond giving the entire ground floor a feeling of openness. At first floor the two main bedrooms are private and light filled, with an extra bedroom being created at the front of the property.

  • Existing Front and Side Elevations
  • Existing Rear and Side Elevations
  • Proposed Front Elevation
  • Proposed Side Elevation
  • Proposed Rear Elevation
  • Proposed Side Elevation
  • Proposed Street Scene

    The proposed dormer bungalow is larger in scale than the existing property but still sits comfortably on the large site. The dwelling has been designed as a bungalow with rooms in the roof to reduce its overall height on the street scene.

  • Section A-A
  • Section B-B
  • Section C-C
  • Section D-D
  • Existing Street Scene
  • Proposed Street Scene
All the views from the new bungalow have been designed to either look into the private gardens of the dwelling or out into the public streets beyond the site. The Master Suite and Bedroom 2 both benefit from south facing balconies. However, both features have been designed with privacy in mind. The balcony for Bedroom 2 looks directly at the gable of the neighbouring property, which only has a small obscure glazed window within it, and the balcony of the Master Bedroom has a privacy screen so that both the occupants and the neighbours have privacy.