Sedum House

  • Residential
  • Hornsea, East Yorkshire
  • Work Stage 7 - In Use
The client approached GBA hoping to gain approval for a new detached dwelling in a garden of an existing dwelling. The site overlooks Hornsea Mere and lies within the Hornsea Conservation area. The primary driver for the design development was creating a first floor living space with views over the Mere.
  • The early design development of the project highlighted that the specific accommodation that was required by the client was leading to a house that may be quite large for the plot. Due to the orientation of the site the most advantageous location for the house was along the northern boundary. However, the existing dwelling to the north meant that this was problematic.

  • Initial Submission
  • Refused Submission
  • Approved Submission

    Through consultation with the planners and the client, and some compromise, a successful solution was found and led to a mostly single storey dwelling with a modest two storey section at the east of the site. The first floor of the dwelling is offset away from the northern boundary to negate any effect on the amenity of the dwelling to the north.

  • All of the ground floor areas have been focused on the external areas with the main living space being set around the main garden area. The northern wall of the dwelling has been extended through to the west of the site to create a private walled garden with a garage and drive at the entrance to the site.

  • The layout provides a master suite and living room at first floor, both of which benefit from views over the Mere and the wider countryside. The single storey flat roofs are finished with a sedum blanket to add interest to views both from within the dwelling and from neighbouring properties.

  • Proposed Site Plan
  • Proposed Ground Floor Plan
  • Proposed First Floor Plan
Photography by Jim Varney